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  • BALLOON R$570,00
    (or 4 installments of R$142,50 without interest)


BALLOON R$570,00
(or 4 installments of R$142,50 without interest)

from R$570 in up to 4 installments of R$142,50 without interest + shipping

for cash payment, pix, bank transfer or deposit, 10% off (R$510,00)

To dream is to fly higher every day and towards new horizons!

❤️ Handmade
❤️ Produced with the best Brazilian leathers
❤️ Interior in fabric and with a small pocket
❤️ Autoral design
❤️ Handmade basket and comes with an alcohol-gel holder (also made of leather)
❤️ Golden leather shoulder strap with a regulator
❤️ Choose up to 3 colors to create your own balloon: red, white, baby pink, havana, nude, black, navy. For details, there is the possibility of combining golden


❤️ 15x15cm (approx.) + total height, with basket, is 32cm (approx.)

Other customizations

❤️ How about engraving your name on a leather TAG? Or under the balloon basket?


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If this deadline does not suit you, contact us for more information, and we will study the feasibility of the project together. But please remember that leather bags take time to create (and there's the matter of the shipping...)

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