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Accessories with personality...

TRAITS et COURBES (from French lines and curves) is a young brand, synonymous with novelty design & exclusivity.

Free from the shackles of seasonal collections, the brand bets on timeless creations that enchant and reflect the personality of its customers – women who crave the different.

Each creation is handmade on demand and using only the finest natural materials Brazil has to offer. From color to texture, every piece of leather has its own story to tell, just as each one of our creations.

...for women of personality


Have you met RICHARD?

Introducing our beloved mascot! This charming teddy bear transforms into a purse or backpack, depending on the occasion!

Ready to ship

Need a gift ASAP? For you or for her/him? Discover unique pieces and enjoy special prices!

Allow yourself to be enchanted by exclusive and sustainable bags created with arapaima's skin (aka pirarucu).

No serial production - each bag here is unique. And they're all ready to ship!



R$ 570,00
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R$ 570,00
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R$ 650,00
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Sustainability in focus

All types of leather and fur used by Traits et Courbes are purchased from certified stores which comply with Brazilian regulatory standards.

This means that they're by-products (discards) of the food industry.

In addition, production in slow fashion exudes awareness and even allows the customization of pieces. Such results (bags, wallets etc), when well cared for, tend to have a long and lasting life.

A special guide to "leather care"

sustainability process