In this space, I will try to answer your most frequent questions. If you can't find your answer, don't worry and please don't hesitate to get in touch!

For special projects, send an email to hello@traitsetcourbes.comor a message to (+55 11) 96865-8565.
Traits et Courbes works with any literary works already in Public Domain, partner publishing houses, and independent authors. If you are in doubt as to the status of the work or the author, you can check here.

These are works protected by copyright, and authors and publishers are not always willing (or able) to assign them. Indie authors and smaller publishers sometimes make exceptions, so we might as well try it and contact them! Moreover, the catalog of works in the Public Domain is extensive and covers, for example, all the great classics. To check if a literary work is in the Public Domain, please click here.

Yes and no. Fairytales are, for the most part, very old texts and, therefore, are in the Public Domain. So yes, it is possible to create new designs based on them. But Disney characters are copyrighted and cannot be used. In any case, you shouldn't worry! Countless incredibly talented artists have brought fairytale characters to life over the years, so we have a lot of beautiful options to choose from. And I can always draw something new too!

Traits et Courbes works with a digital printing process, guaranteeing greater image detail. For this, the leather is previously treated to receive the ink and ensure its durability.

No, it doesn't. But two crucial reminders are worth making: any printing technique - even tattoos - is subject to the action of time, and leather, like human skin, is susceptible to damage and needs special care. Therefore, if you hurt the leather, you will damage the print, too – it is worth taking special care to avoid contact with sharp objects. 

Sure! But using any chemicals over the paintings is not recommended, as there may be a reaction and damage to the piece. And it's essential to consider the type of leather, as suede and nubuck, for example, don't handle creams and moisturizers well thanks to their "soft" nature… And please, refrain from using any products not specific to leather. Even if it is fashionable to see digital influencers promoting NIVEA and other creams to hydrate leather, those are cosmetics made for human use. 

The quality of the finishing products is of responsibility of Traits et Courbes. Leather is a natural material; therefore, the marks are part of it and its story. This also means that any prints may adhere to the skin as it is. But don't worry, as all products undergo an evaluation before being shipped. Should there be a need to restart the creation process, the customer will be promptly notified and be offered the prerogative to decide how to proceed.

Unfortunately, custom-made orders are not eligible for exchanges, returns, and refunds, for they are handcrafted especially for you - with your name, ideas, etc. That's also why all sales are made directly with me, so we can have the chance and time to discuss the project, approve the art, discuss payment terms, etc.

Traits et Courbes is an eco-friendly brand. The leather and fur are by-products (discards) of the food industry and are purchased from certified stores which comply with Brazilian regulatory standards (IBAMA). The brand doesn't work with exotic animals.

Who doesn't love promotions, right? It's cool to buy something at half price, but it isn't enjoyable when you purchase something at total cost and then see it on sale. For this reason, Traits et Courbes avoids progressive and seasonal discounts, such as Black Friday or Winter/Summer Sale. There are exceptions, of course, when a specific design will be discontinued, or there are leftovers of a material that allow the creation of a "ready to ship" piece. And, of course, keep an eye out for RESIGNIFIED BAGS. As they are pieces made with the reuse of materials, the prices are very attractive! 

If you can picture it, I (probably) can design it! But please pay attention to the fact that my line "RESIGNIFIED BAGS" features unique pieces crafted from leftover materials. Therefore, fulfilling personalized orders (or even keeping the same price for new customized items) is not always possible.