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About Us

TRAITS et COURBES presents its work on a "showcase" website under the electronic address https://www.traitsetcourbes.com. This means that this website template does not act as E-commerceand that all sales are finalized directly via WhatsApp or email. Therefore, the site does not have a login area and does not ask for or store personal and banking data; this site does not store cookies.


The products, photos and videos

All products, photos, and videos published on the website and the respective official social networks are the authorship and property – and therefore responsibility – of TRAITS et COURBES and its designer Beatriz Iara. 



TRAITS et COURBES uses Correios for shipments throughout the Brazilian territory. For São Paulo, where it is headquartered, there is the option of Loggi or direct delivery to be agreed upon with the customer (on weekends and for just some regions of the capital). If you live abroad, special arrangements will be made via UPS, DHL, or FedEx.

When using the Post Office (preferential shipping method), TRAITS et COURBES ensures all shipped items.

The cost of shipping is the responsibility of the customer and will be calculated (based on the zip code provided) and informed via WhatsApp, email or official chats on social networks along with the final total value of the purchase.


Prices and Payments

Payments are arranged via WhatsApp, email, or social media chat (according to each client's preference) and are based on the prices published on the website. TRAITS et COURBES reserves the right to update prices at any time. In case of any divergence or conflict within the price lists offered on the website or its social networks, the information presented here (www.traitsetcourbes.com) is sovereign. The company is committed to keeping its prices always up to date on every platform, but it asks for your understanding of possible delays caused sporadically due to technology.

It is also important to point out that the prices offered are “starting from”; that is, changes and customizations not foreseen in the descriptions of each product may lead to an increase in the final price.

Payments can be made via a link and credit and debit card in up to 4 interest-free installments. For payment via bank slip, 5% discount. For spot payments via PIX, transfer, or deposit, 10% discount.



The delivery time is estimated and announced uniformly throughout the site, on Instagram, and at the time of purchase. Orders will be advanced whenever possible, and customers will be notified of production status. In case of delay due to force majeure, the customer will also be notified of the creation status of its order.

TRAITS et COURBES asks for the understanding of customers regarding possible delays caused by inopportune weather conditions, which may, by chance, jeopardize the drying of paints, varnishes, and glues.


Exchanges and Returns

Personalized items are all for which you determine their characteristics through text, materials, color, or layout. These products already employ a particular service performed specifically for you, which makes them unfeasible for resale.

The provision of this type of service requires that you, the customer, comply with your obligations to send the necessary information within the determined period and disclose it by email in the contracting process. Similarly, the approval of the art produced based on this information by the customer must be carried out within the published period so that the creation of the piece can be started and the initial delivery period can be maintained. By not respecting the deadlines observed, the customer waives the right to charge for the delivery date initially proposed by TRAITS et COURBES in the contracting process.

TRAITS et COURBES makes every technological effort so that you can view personalized products correctly. Still, please pay attention to the fact that there are always slight variations in color between monitors and painting and printing processes. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee full-color fidelity of the image seen and approved by you using your equipment. These slight variations will not be considered product defects.

Given the nature of the private service of custom-made bags and accessories, TRAITS et COURBES does not accept exchanges or returns of personalized products due to purchase regret.

A defect in the customized product is a text error that has not been previously approved or authorized by you via Whatsapp, email, or social networks. Therefore, TRAITS et COURBES reiterates the importance that you pay attention to art approval,becausevRemember that it is the customer's responsibility to verify the correct information such as name, date, text, that is, all the information that will be included in the personalized pieces.

The designs are created free of charge – that is, as a courtesy – and before the customer purchases. However, TRAITS et COURBES reserves the right to charge the service fee at any time if the client cannot give clear instructions regarding what it wants.

We also reserve the right to photograph and use any images of any piece we designed - at any time -even the ones made to order.

HEADS UP:The 90 (ninety-day) guarantee, determined by the Consumer Defense Code, does not apply to consumable products, such as personalized ones. In any case, TRAITS et COURBES values ​​the quality of the materials used to manufacture the pieces and the final products delivered to the consumer. Please note that “misuse” – such as prolonged exposure to the sun, contact with water, or chemical products such as, but not limited to, alcohol gel, hand creams, perfumes, etc., improper storage, general carelessness, etc. characterizes a manufacturing defect.  



All hides and skins comply with the environmental code and Ibama, as they are waste from the food industry and purchased in traditional stores in the segment. Therefore, they are ecological materials that do not cause damage to the ecosystem.

As these are organic leathers, tonal variations, and marks are not considered defects but natural characteristics of the raw materials used in the manufacture of the pieces and, therefore, do not make the final product eligible for exchange and return. . Genuine leathers (as well as animal fur) are not uniform like those obtained industrially.



Unique pieces are created with the reuse of materials, especially leather. For this reason, prices for this collection tend to be lower.

Recreating parts and resignified models is impossible, keeping the same prices offered in the section. In the case of an order, the prices charged will be the "cost of the full table," and the customer will be informed of the product's final value before confirming the purchase.



TRAITS et COURBES reserves the right to avoid running regular sales out of respect for the customers who have paid the total price for their pieces. Exceptions may occur when a specific design is discontinued or in promotional actions to publicize the brand, such as giveaways on social networks.


Questions and general provisions

If you have any questions, want more information about a product, or even want to create an entire bag, contact us through our service channels. I will gladly respond soon and help make your dream come true. After all, as Walt Disney said, “I like the impossible because there is less competition there”!